A Lady’s Starter Pack to the Tropics


Close up portrait of a smiling african american model with sun hat
Source: istockphoto


Climate change is real and live!

Hotter temperatures in tropical regions, dipping temperatures in cold regions and sporadic seasons everywhere are telling witnesses.

The tropical sun especially seems to have aged brutally.

Ladies, if you do not want the sun to smother your shine, in addition to drinking your own water, have the following items handy at all times.


  1. Sun shades: You’ve probably always had one but it’s time to be serious about wearing them and just in case you are yet to get a pair, get the ones with special UV filter and keep the negative energy away.
  2. Umbrella: You may not appreciate the value of temporary shade over your head until you have to wait for your Uber or at the bus stop for hours on end.
  3. Disposable paper towels: I prefer these to handkerchiefs because they can serve you for more than a few hours, do not need to be refolded to show a clean square and are most importantly, disposable.
  4. Foldable/ Chinese hand fan: No one promises you that the event hall will be air-conditioned. Why not do yourself a favour by devising a portable plan to keep your cool?
  5. Moisturizing wipes: Clean up all sorts of messes on the go with wipes- they are the best kept secret to a quick comeback.

1 thought on “A Lady’s Starter Pack to the Tropics

  1. this is a very intelligent advice for youth

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