12 Cherish-able Christmas Gifts

Christmas morning
Source: Metro

Christmas is around the corner and the atmosphere is just right for exchanging gifts with loved ones. Here are ideas of gifts that won’t break the bank:


Source: Spoonful
  1. Hampers: As common as they are, they are very much appreciated.
Source: DSW
  1. Shoes: Christmas is the perfect opportunity to have a new pair of shoes, mostly because it’s not an everyday buy.


Source: Boots
  1. Perfume: ‘I have no need for perfumes’ said nobody ever. Nothing is better than creating a cocktail of perfumes!
Source: India Facts
  1. Bible: Because it’s Christmas and a new bible is an opportunity to read the Word anew. Amen somebody!


Source: Amazon
  1. Redeeming love by Francine Rivers: Fit for the season. Explains the motivation for Christmas itself. Never mind if you can’t get this; any Francine Rivers book is a perfect gift.
Source: The Fashion Spot
  1. Undies: Undies are everywhere but suitable and comfortable undies are not. Invest good thought and time in getting a loved one good undies this season and they will appreciate it.


Source: Wellness Centre Verona
  1. Spa treatment: Most people spend the majority of the year working and seldom have time for good relaxation. This could be your gift to them.
Source: Goodreads
  1. Purpose driven life by Rick Warren: A new year is the perfect time to take stock of one’s life and reevaluate. Purpose driven life helps you to do this. Anyone that values progress will thank you for this book.


Source: Goodreads
  1. Why you act the way you do by Tim LaHaye: This book is a must read for everyone irrespective of age, gender, religion or occupation. It literally explains why you act the way you do- your strengths, weaknesses and how you can maximize your temperament.
Source: Walgreens
  1. Natural hair treatment: If he or she is a naturalista. Getting good and affordable natural hair accoutrements can be a pain in the neck. You can provide a solution here.


Source: Sweetcouch
  1. Sun shades: gift giving requires thoughtfulness. Anyone in the country will appreciate the shades in this sun.
Source: Garnier
  1. Moisturizing body lotion: Because it’s Harmattan!



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