Your Simple Nightly Slice of Fruit Cake

Delicious fruit cake

I generally find baking a lot easier than cooking.

All you have to do is add, stir and sometimes, knead.

In this post, I break down the process of making a fruit cake because I believe home made cake is the best- you get it fresh, hygienically made and custom made to suit your taste buds.

Needed ingredients include:

6 Eggs

250g flour

125g of sugar

250g of margarine

Mixed spices (or cinnamon)

Dried fruit (put in as much as you like)


1 cup of milk (at least)

1.5 teaspoonful of baking powder

Browning syrup

Flavourings (preferably vanilla and butterscotch)

Ingredients for fruit cake

Important: You must have soaked the dried fruit in brandy 24 hours before you begin baking.

1. Add margarine and sugar into mixing bowl and stir.

2. While stirring, add in flour and eggs intermittently until exhausted.

3. While stirring, add milk then mixed spices then browning syrup.

4. While stirring, add dried fruits in alcohol, flavouring and baking powder.

5. Line baking pan with margarine and dust it with flour.

6. Pour the batter.

Batter should appear brown

7. Preheat the oven for five minutes.

8. Bake on low heat for 45- 55 minutes.

9. Insert a dry and clean knife in the middle of the cake and remove to check if it’s done. If it’s done, the knife will come out clean. If it isn’t, the knife will be stained with batter.

10. Once it’s done, serve.


And that’s your guide for a slice of fruit cake every night!


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