3 Simple Things to do About Climate Change

Source: ECSR

Nothing proves climate change more than the erratic weather patterns we’ve clearly seen in the last few years.

With spells of harmattan during rainy season, rainy periods during dry season, scarcity of rain during rainy season, the weather has really proven to be an unreliable element.

Below are three daily things you can do right from your home to help things.

Reuse and reduce your plastics: Even though the government is quite slow in enacting laws against excessive plastic production, you can by this commitment, take laws into your own hands so to speak.

Reuse everything from straws to ‘take away’ containers to bottles.

Also, many traders are quite generous with plastic bags but you can politely decline if you’ve got one.

Dispose properly: When disposing things, separate the plastics from organic waste. There’s no widespread directive on this but go ahead and do it and let the waste collectors know which is which as much as you can.

Grow your food: If you have a bit of a gardening area in your home, try planting something.

I am happy to have a coconut tree, orange tree, pumpkin plant and aloe vera plant amongst others (my dogs have finally uprooted the tomato plant) in my house.

In the country we live, we cannot possibly wait for the government to do everything.

Response to climate change is every individual’s responsibility; let’s start now and the government can catch up later.


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