The Lady and the Law

Source: Time

“Without law men are beasts.

-Maxwell Anderson

One of the modern instruments of civilization is the law and everyone who identifies with civilization is bound by it.

Majority of ladies and gentlemen are familiar with what is legally required of civil persons but sometimes, we try to cut corners and are unfortunately brought to our knees when we’re caught.

This is especially unfortunate because law enforcement officers exploit the lack of due caution displayed.

I particularly don’t like to see ‘damsels in distress’ involving the law.

To avoid stories that touch, please take note of the following ladies.

Have a license at hand: It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a dash to the mall or going just around the bend- you never know when law enforcement is going to appear and ask for a relevant ID.

It may help to have multiple photocopies of all vehicular documents tucked here and there in your car or purse.

Stick to workplace ethics: Fraudulent cases seem to be on the rise these days and funnily enough, the culprits are sometimes pawns in the larger scheme of things.

Be very circumspect- check, read and verify before appending your signature.

Avoid the B habit: It is sad that bribery is almost an essential part of life in our society.

Common as it is, it is not only unethical, it is a criminal offense.

Do you know though- if you do your business after the right procedure, you don’t really have to be at the mercy of a bribe seeker.

At the end of the day, it’s left to you to choose- let sensible practice dictate the terms or you let a greedy appetite for profit tarnish your legacy.


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