Dressing beyond Clothes

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”-

Edith Head

African american woman relaxing outdoors
Source: Canva

Have you ever wondered why a certain bridesmaid, who isn’t the tallest, fairest or the one with the most striking physical features, stands out in the train?

I have too.

One would expect that the uniformity of the dresses, makeup and hairdos will act as a blender.

I have mentioned the relevance of personal style when it comes to standing out; let’s see three intangible things you can wear to accentuate your appearance.

Fragrance: We’ve discussed extensively about fragrances but I guess a little update doesn’t hurt. I personally think one should infuse their personality into their choice of fragrance. That way, when you arrive, you announce not just your presence but your personality. If you don’t like being found out through your scent, combine two or more fragrances and create a mysterious, cocktail effect.

Confidence: Do you know why owning and not borrowing style is essential? You’re most confident when you’re yourself and your style is you.

I particularly prefer a unique style to a trendy one so if you want to mix lip colours or use a scarf to create a vintage look, go for it.

Good vibes: Nothing gives you away like your vibes and this is why it is crucial to have a positive one on at all times. Sure you may not quite be in the mood sometimes and this is okay but constantly faking a vibe casts a shadow on your aura.

So be yourself in ways others can relate to, only try to make it positive.


1 thought on “Dressing beyond Clothes

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