The Art of the Signature

Source: Google

Like your fingerprints, your signature is a piece of writing that is unique to you.

It mostly contains your name(s) or initials.

Everybody has one or everybody should have one.

But what makes some signatures stand out so much so that you want to cut them out and hang them on your wall?

1. Creativity

With a little creativity, you can attract admiration to your written moniker. For instance, if the acronym of your name is F. L. O., these can form a statement signature. Since signatures usually last for a lifetime, it would be wise to choose initials or names that you do not hope to change frequently.

2. Handwriting/ Calligraphy

Some people are naturally endowed with good handwriting. However, if you are not one of them, the good news lies in calligraphy. Become a student and focus on letters that concern your signature.

3. Practice

The secret to getting great at anything is constant practice. Once you’ve figured out what letters will constitute your signature, make a habit of practicing it over and over again.


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