How to call or text courteously

Source: popsci

Communication is a necessary activity that occurs daily, hourly or even by the minute.

Unfortunately, the civility that ought to accompany it is not nearly as frequent.

If you want to be sure that you are doing it right, ask yourself these questions the next time you want to make a call.

1. Should you call at all?

Some information are better received via SMS or email; be sure of which of these best suits the information you want to pass across and apply accordingly, especially when you’re not too familiar with the other person(s).

2. If you must make the call, is the time convenient?

Formal/ business calls are largely fine between 8am and 4pm (you can check specific working hours).

If it’s not a formal call, let the sun be your guide- call as long as you can see it and don’t when you can’t.

3. Have you called up to twice in the last one hour?

Two is the maximum number of missed calls to give. Some people say one but I feel that sort of shows halfheartedness (especially in this part of the world). Two missed calls say, “I really want to speak to you but it’s obvious you’re engaged in something else or away from your phone.” If it’s not an emergency, leaving more than three missed calls in any twenty four hours is a complete nuisance.

4. Will an SMS do the job?

If yes, go ahead and be concise; begin the text by greeting then mention the real reason for getting in touch and close with a farewell.

5. Should you use smileys?

I wouldn’t advice this in a formal correspondence. However, if it’s an informal correspondence with someone you are not too familiar with, go easy with the smileys; use positive ones but don’t show extreme emotions with them.


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