Swarovski: 3 Simple Ways To Getting It Right

Source: Swarovski

Swarovski stones, crystals or jewelry are sufficient for a touch of class. You can nail that elegance with Swarovski in 3 ways:

1. Be original. If it’s not Swarovski, it cannot be Swarovski. You can save the imitation for another time, but if you want to get the Swarovski elegance, let’s at least begin with being real.

2. Be moderate. Too much bling can be repulsive and not too tasteful. With just a few crystals, you’re already shining. All you need are simple encrustings on your dress or simple studs, bracelets or other minimal jewelry.

3. Save the best for the last. The beauty of Swarovski is especially revealed at night. Even though one would hardly miss it’s brilliant reflection in the sun, Swarovski is best worn for evening events where their unique iridescence is maximally displayed.

What’s your favourite wardrobe piece for encrusting Swarovski?


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