Choosing Jewelry


A sense of style goes beyond the ability to combine colours creatively; it crucially includes the ability to identify and accentuate one’s physiological strengths.

A wardrobe department that is often overlooked is the jewelry department yet many women can significantly improve their style statement if they make the right jewelry choice.

While plastic, wood and bead jewelries are commonly worn for casual occasions, jewelries made of precious metals and stones are for both formal and informal occasions.

There are, broadly, five looks when accessorizing the ear- the stud look, the hoop, the drop (including chandeliers, teardrops and danglers), the barbell and the no earring look.

A choice for any of the above is determined by 5 factors:

  • Face shape
  • Formality of occasion
  • Neckline of attire
  • Length of neck
  • Hairdo

Most face shapes fall into 4 categories roughly:

Inverted triangle: Wide forehead that gradually thins into a small chin.

Heart shaped: Similar to inverted triangle. However, face is shorter and sometimes features a widow’s peak.

Oval face: Long face with pointy forehead and chin.

Full face: Wide face with parallel forehead and jawline. Sometimes referred to as round or square face.

Source: Baltic Domini

For inverted triangle and heart shaped faces, chandeliers and teardrops are ideal for creating an illusion of width at the jawline.

Oval faces have the most access to the entire range- they can show off their jawlines with studs, hoops or drop earrings.

Because oval faces have little to no insecurities about their face shape, the no earring look tends to suit them the most.

Full faces should create an illusion of length with the help of drop, straight earrings (especially if the neck is short).

Full faces should avoid wide earrings such as loops and large square studs that will emphasize the fullness of the face.

Drop earrings give an illusion of length to the face and jawline. Source:

Statement studs and chandeliers are suitable for the most formal occasions such as white and black tie events.

Most earrings can pair well with most attires however, the combination of the neckline of the dress, length of neck and hairdo determines the best.


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