Deodorants and Fragrances: Directions for use


Have you sorted out your wardrobe for your event?


That’s not all there is to making a great impression though- there are few things more disappointing than having a great sense of style without an accompanying sense of scents.

Before dousing yourself with that expensive fragrance, let’s see how to make the most of it.

Source: google

Deodorants/ Anti- perspirants: Of all the scents you apply, deodorants or anti- perspirants are the most important. They keep your underarms (usually the primary source of offensive body odours) from secreting offensive odours.

They are strictly for the underarms and are not to be applied anywhere else on the body or on clothes.

Source: google

Body spray/ mists: These are used on the body after it’s been moisturized. They act as a type of ‘appetizer’ to perfumes. However, on no occasion should they be used in place of deodorants.

Source: google

Perfumes: Perfumes are used on the skin and not on clothes. Ideal areas to spray perfumes include back of ears, wrists, belly button.

These are pulse places which are best for holding the fragrance in. Spraying on the hair is also a good idea as hair fibers are good conductors of fragrance.

It’s important to note that perfumes are best used quickly as long exposure to oxygen and even light can interrupt the chemical composition and effectiveness.

It’s therefore advisable to purchase perfume in small sizes.

Feel free to combine two, three or more perfumes- it’s called a cocktail and I like the idea for two reasons.

Firstly, It improves the richness of your scents and secondly, people can’t easily decipher what fragrance(s) you’re wearing.


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