Little Things, Lots of Class

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There are a number of daily habits that stand as a threat to your ladyship and no matter how popular these habits become, they will always be unladylike and unappealing.

Let’s take a look at some of the things ladies should not be doing.

Flipping your hair

Even though this is not an entirely bad habit by itself, when it becomes a trademark attitude, it is flirtatious and smacks of overbearance and showiness.

A couth approach to getting hair off your face is to use your hand to gather the rebellious strands and put them in place gently.

Going on bra break?

As trendy as it may seem, not wearing a bra is quite unseemly. It is quite distracting, especially if you have a large bosom. You can do what you like at home but put a grip on it while you are out and about.



If you’re wearing an attire that hugs you a little more obviously at your derriere, put on appropriate underwear. Visible Pant Line is not too tasteful and can ruin your fashion statement altogether.


Bending over

You can do most things with class, including bending. When reaching for the floor, squat gracefully rather than folding yourself from the waist.


Pushing hips out

This is another flirty posture that first class ladies avoid at any cost. Always stand gracefully with your feet together.



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