Tips for the Lazy Naturalista


Source: LoveToKnow

If you’re a naturalista, you can relate to the many time-demanding efforts, financial and physical required to maintain your curls.

However, there’s an easy way out; by following the following simple rules, you can have your cake and eat it too.

  1. Have an all-in-one hair cream: A good example is the Her Social Highness hair cream. Containing the all-important Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil and Shea butter, this hair cream spares you the stress of shopping for these ingredients individually and also saves you time spent in mixing them.

In a single application, your stunted growth, disappearing edges and lackluster hair troubles are dealt with.

If you need one, call 08163360373.

  1. Keep your hair away: Fixing weaves is a great way to do this. It keeps your hair away from the elements and saves you the stress of daily combing, straightening or styling.
  2. Love your Ghana weaving: By plaiting your hair into Ghana weaving, you again save styling time. Plus, you can easily oil your roots daily.
  3. Do the Crotchet: Easy to do, easy to loose, crotchet is one of the least time-demanding hair dos you can ever make.
  4. Hair Scarves and Turbans: If you are as lazy as they come, simply hide your web of curls under a scarf or turban. To make this even more interesting and stylish, master the art of tying different headpiece styles.

In all of this, don’t forget the important role a good conditioner plays in healthy hair; it saves you lumps of lost curls that are cut off when the hair is too dry.


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