Controversial Etiquette

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As noble as the concept of etiquette is, there are some controversial things we do in the name of it.

And it is often ridiculous when we do so well what we ought not to do at all.

Do you engage in controversial etiquette? Let’s hope you’re not a culprit of:


Leaving excessive leftovers: Yes it is good table manners to leave a small size of food on your plate after you’re done eating but then there’s a not so thin line between this and wasting food.

It’s puzzling that people order for large helpings of food at parties only to waste it.

Perhaps, this is supposed to make some sort of social statement? I don’t know.

As much as is within your control, only ask for food that you are able to finish.

It is not graceful to be wasteful.

Refusing food: This is another practice that we wrongly associate with aristocracy.

Accept whatever you’re served (except you have an allergy or have a valid reason to refuse).

Sliced or unsliced? It is often believed that sliced bread is more ‘elite’ than unsliced bread when in reality, in very formal situations, unsliced loaves are what you’ll find on the menu because you should break rather than bite bread.

For this reason, burgers, sandwiches, pies and the like are less formal meals because they require you to bite which isn’t exactly first class table manners.

“My names are…” This is a common introductory faux pas.

No matter how many names you have you should say, ‘My name is’ and state your given name, the name you are called and then your surname.

Surname before name: Except otherwise stated, your given name comes before your surname.

So whether you are writing your name or saying it, introduce yourself before your father or husband.

Keep it: It is rude to reject or ignore an outstretched arm.

It’s surprising that some people think that they’re in line with acceptable etiquette to tell someone to ‘keep it’ but nothing could be ruder.

Placing napkin on chest: When dining, place the napkin on your thighs and not folded into the front of your shirt or blouse.

You should be mindful to dine with the best manners so that your shirt or blouse isn’t stained afterwards.




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