How to Get & Maintain a Regal Poise

Source: InStyle

You can exude a ton of elegance and grace in simple everyday postures- standing, sitting, waving, walking, whatever.

There are however preliminary practices and preparations to note, most of which involve physical exercises of some sort.

Below are 5 ways to improve your poise, like a royal.


Yoga: As unlikely as it may seem, a number of asanas or yoga positions are helpful in remolding the body for regal postures.

For one, chair pose or Utkatasana (a position that makes one sit in an imaginary chair while the hands are raised above the head), helps to significantly improve your sitting and standing postures mostly because it trains you to maintain a straight spine.

Another asana that has a similar effect is the squat known as Malasana; it also involves holding a straight spine while working out.

With consistent practice, you should notice your posture take a regal form of its own.


The book balance: Placing a book on the head is a time-honoured posture improving practice.

Women walked around with a book on the head because it helps to keep the head in place, keep the eyes forward and keep neck and spine straight.

Simply place a book on your head and walk around the house; go up and down the stairs to get used to ascending and descending heights.

With sufficient practice, this posture will be subconsciously adopted.

Sleep it out: Experts say the best sleeping position is the supine- sleeping on your back.

Along with its medical benefits, sleeping on your back also improves your posture during the day-so long as you have a good mattress.

Walk inwards: Most people tend to spread their legs out when they walk. Try to walk inwards- make sure the head of your feet is straight ahead rather than facing outwards when you walk (imagine you were walking in an imaginary straight line).

Combine this practice with the book on your head as earlier described for maximum results.

Cross at the ankles: As earlier discussed, ensure to cross your legs at the ankles rather than at the knees.

It’s the nobler choice.


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