Shooting your shot: Ladies, should you?


Source: Devon Reform

Shooting your shot basically means making a move on a person of romantic interest to express your desire.

This has traditionally been the responsibility of guys over time but in this age of feminism, the roles are fast changing.

Can a lady approach a guy she fancies? Can she ask him out? Can she shoot her shot?

I personally do not recommend it.

It’s a tricky affair, especially as it is unfamiliar territory- you’re used to being asked out and now, you want to do the asking.

I personally do not advise it but the feminist are bound to disagree so here are 5 check boxes to check before you proceed on this heart-risking task.


  1. Have you done your research? Is he married or in any way ineligible? Is he single but not searching? Does he have an interest in women? These are key guidelines to look out for before taking aim or not taking aim.
  2. Is he mature enough? It takes a level of maturity to not take the approach of a lady for granted. You want to make sure that he can deal with your advances with a level of maturity and not use it to taunt you, tease you or massage his ego.
  3. Thirdly and perhaps, most importantly, can you take a no? Expect the possibility of that happening. You may not be his type. No matter how mature he is, you can’t force him to like what he doesn’t like just like no one forced you to like that guy you didn’t like. You should be able to respect his choice and take a dignified walk. So can you?
  4. Is there a way to check to see if he fancies you as you do him? It will be wise to test the waters before diving in heedlessly. If there is a way to gauge without throwing yourself at him desperately, explore it. (Next time a guy approaches you, show some kindness and don’t dismiss him condescendingly. This is gut-wrenching!)
  5. After all is said and done, after you seem to sense a green light, is it in good taste to go right ahead and shoot? Again, it’s your personal choice.

However, bear in mind again that he can turn you down.

Do you still want to shoot? Good luck!


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