10 Simple Ways to Live Smarter



From getting seated in your chair to placing your order at the restaurant, there exist safe, hygienic and courteous guidelines to help you have a better quality of living.

Here are ten of them:

  1. Let the tap water run: When you open the tap for any purpose, let it run freely for about 5 seconds before reaching for it. The first torrent of water released contain a heavier microbial load.
  2. Turn the page at the top right corner: As I’ve said before, this is for hygienic purposes since most people turn the pages at the bottom right corner, especially after tapping their tongue.
  3. Add detergent to water before putting clothes in (If you’re washing manually): Detergents should be dissolved in water before clothes are inserted; detergents should not be put directly on clothes.
  4. Make a lather with the bathing soap: As it is with washing, so it is with bathing. Ensure to make a lather with the soap, water and your sponge or hands before applying to your body. Many soaps write this on the directions of use.
  5. Squat to reach the floor: Ladies should make a graceful squat when lowering themselves to the ground rather than bending from the waist. Bending from the waist is an uncivil way of attracting attention to your derriere.
  6. Apply body lotion on damp skin: Your skin is most receptive to moisturizers and lotions when you just get out of the shower. You may find that the later you wait to apply lotion, the more it becomes a task for you to successfully rub it in.
  7. Sanitize your hands after holding a door knob: And if you can help it, use a tissue to hold it instead.
  8. Increase the speed of electronic devices gently: Whether it’s a fan or air conditioning system, take it slowly when you accelerate the speed or performance to minimize the risk of an electric spark.
  9. Put off the switch before unplugging a device: Better safe than sorry.
  10. Read the manual: No matter how familiar you are with a new device, take a few minutes to go through the manual; there may be something new to learn.




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