7 Social Media Accounts for a Smart Following

Source: Career Hub Africa


How interesting is your social media timeline? It depends on whom you follow.

A rich feed can not only gives you worthwhile social media experience, it can also expand your scope of knowledge and improve your sociability, health and general quality of life.

Here are 7 types of social media accounts that can do just that for you:

  1. A news handle: You have to be in the know; know what’s happening, where it’s happening and how it’s happening. By so knowing, you can decide how relevant the news is to you and calculate your reaction to it. It’s helpful to follow both local and international news channels to maximize your knowledge bank. Think CNN and Info Nigeria.


  1. A travel/ tourism handle: If you love to explore the world but are kept constraint by your work schedule, travel news give you the very lens to explore your curiosity. Whether it’s beholding the Seychelles or the blue beaches of the Maldives, you’ve got the world right in front of you with a good travel guide.



  1. Beauty/ Fashion handle: Sometimes you stand in front of the mirror and are downright clueless on how to style your hair or unsure of that new makeup application. That’s where a beauty channel comes in. If your area of strength does not lie in style and fashion, take a leaf out of the book of a style guru and guess what, no one has to know.


  1. Infotainment/ Edutainment handle: I call it infotainment/ edutainment because these channels both inform and entertain you. Think of shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire– how else were you going to know about Wangari Maathai?



  1. Historic handle: Imagine you’re a time traveler, unearthing facts, discovering the world in its virgin state. When you get an informative glimpse into how the cavemen lived or how slow-paced the former world was, you’ll value the constant digging these guys do to take you back in time.


  1. Health & fitness handle: From practicing yoga to adopting a keto diet, from hygiene tips to discovering the wonders you can perform with orange peels, health and fitness pages keep you profitably busy. Premium health can be as easy as a follow away!


  1. Life coach: Life coaches feature everything from relationship tips, to temperament maximization, to career development. If ever you need that all-in-one page, the wide range of subjects here have got you covered.

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