Knees or ankles: The Lady Marker

Source: Myka Meier (Twitter)

There are two women seated; one’s legs are crossed at the ankles, the other at the knees.

Who is the lady?

This is a popular and old debate but by examining some arguments, let’s see who the lady really is.


At the knees


The soles are up: It is not exactly in good taste to show off the soles of your feet.

Dangerous pose: The pose so created when the legs are crossed at the knees is a precarious one; any child or inattentive passerby can trip over the leg that sticks out. Whether it’s a nail, a head sticking out of a moving vehicle or a leg crossed in worldly fashion, most things that stick out aren’t safe.

Showoff: A person crossing their legs at the knees probably does it with the intent of showing off red bottoms or freshly shaved legs but it’s not in a lady’s attitude to show off.

Restriction of blood flow: A number of researches have been done and indicate that legs crossed at the knees suffer from a restriction of blood flow which causes numbness and this is why you cross and re-cross your legs.

You can’t use a scarf: At least comfortably. Demure skirt-wearing ladies use scarves to cover their in-betweens when seated but the pose in question does not allow you do this seamlessly.


At the ankles

Longer comfort: Whilst knee-crossing makes you re-cross several times, you’re comfortable for a longer period when you cross at the ankles.

Handy scarf: With this pose, your scarf comes in handy; it can be evenly spread on your thighs.

Soles are down: As they should be and the fear of inherent danger is eliminated.

Regal pose: You inadvertently form a dignified pose.

Burden-sharing: The burden of weight is borne evenly by both legs unlike when the lower leg bears more burden when the legs are crossed at the knees.


Now we know which is the lady and which is the jeopardy-in-waiting.



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