Being a Civil Netizen

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Never has a world been this social.

There are more and more updates that are calling for your views, likes, shares, replies and any other action you can take on a post.

It’s tough to keep up!

Unfortunately, many posts today do not call for positive reactions due to the abuse of social media.

Here are some of the common social media gaffes you want to avoid if you want to be a civil user of the internet.



It is a given that debates will arise and that you will have a different opinion but calling people names, especially faceless people with whom you are not well acquainted before you state your point shows a lack of communication finesse.

Even employers simply say, you are fired, not, you are foolish.

And if the other party/ parties are the first to begin with insults, you be the bigger person and communicate with civility…If you must talk at all.


Unsolicited advice.

Critiquing people’s choice of lifestyle from the comfort of your bed is the epitome of being a backseat driver.

If you are not well-acquainted to send a DM to register your concern with the fellow, just keep swiping.


Retweeting & Sharing Accolades

I personally like to follow insightful pages, pages that inform, educate or entertain me; pages that make me better in some way.

Sharing only posts that promote oneself is self-aggrandizing and not really interesting.


Graphic Details

I have previously discussed the importance of warning followers or potential viewers of sensitive posts.

You don’t want your page to be the armpit of social media now, do you?


Negative vibes

Negative vibes portray bitterness and sadness, which everyone is trying to get away from.

Positive vibes are the best.

If it’s not positive, don’t post it.



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