Epitomic Civil Dilemmas



The moment of awkwardness when the Uber driver is overly eager to create conversation but you are tired and have to choose between a forced chat and telling him to spare you. Rude?



The difficult moment of struggle at a wedding reception where you have to use a blunt cutlery to cut through tough, fried cow ear; do you give up or do you persist?



The contemplative moment when the Pastor says ‘Shake one or two people…’ and the brother sitting next to you has just returned from the bathroom with suspiciously dry hands. Obey or make it a convenient time for a sudden, private prayer?





The God-help-me moment when the danfo leaps in front of you and threatens to hit you if you don’t let him in. God. Help. Me.




The shocking moment when a borrower taps their tongue to pick another leaf of your novel. Kuku kee me!



The apprehensive moment when the hair dresser brings out a used needle to sew your weave. AIDS is still real sister!




The dreaded moment when you see your Aunty that accepts only a full kneel but the ground is muddy. Reach for a hug!

Hollywood Reporter


The uncomfortable moment when your friend insists on a hug as you finish off your workout routine. I wouldn’t hug me!

















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