The Slay Queen Series


Who exactly is a slay queen and what does the portfolio of a slay queen entail? Why does it have such a bandwagon effect these days?



Well, by popular standards, a slay queen is a social media savvy poster whose posts feature fashion trends, make up artistry or risqué content.



In some cases, the acclaimed queens feature one of the aforementioned or all at once.



Expectedly, such posters enjoy huge followership in a trend seeking social age.



Another noteworthy benefit of this title is the hefty financial remuneration that comes in tow, no small thanks to advertisements and sponsored posts.



So, do the elegant jury endorse this as acceptable in refined society?



Well, the elegant jury are all for creative and brilliant pieces and pictures of artistry and aesthetics, more so when displayed in return for cool, classy cash.



What they will however not put a stamp to is an erotic post of a woman in her underwear, bent over and twisted like a cooked spaghetto.



It is a given that the mass jury’s verdict will many times differ from that of the elegant but the verdict stands still- steep poses and deep necklines are simply beyond the pale.









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