The Legacy of the Ultimate Princess

Wales In Wales
Princess Diana wearing a burgundy velvet hat with a feather during a visit to Wales, 29th October 1981. (Photo by Jayne Fincher/Getty Images)



In loving and honourable memory of the great Princess of Wales, Princess Diana, whose 20th death anniversary is this year, here are a few of her unique qualities that define the essence of beautiful royalty:

  1. Smiling angel: Whenever Princess Diana appeared, a smile was sure to come along too.


Little wonder as the most photographed woman in the world at that time, most of her pictures, including the unexpected ones taken by the paparazzi, had that magical smile.






  1. Heart of gold: She was even more popular for her authentic and indiscriminate outpouring of love for the sick, poor and diseased- a highly priced virtue in royals and even normal beings.


She is known for ignoring rules and tradition when relating with ‘commoners’ or ‘subjects’ for the sake of nobler causes- a nature she successfully passed down to her children.


She was the heart royal, not the head type and this is why she will ever be the ultimate royalty, at least to me.





  1. Style Queen: She’s been slaying since Kesington! Princess Diana is attributed as having the ‘fast sales effect’ or ‘Princess Diana effect’ if you like before any celebrity in the modern world.


Till this day, I have precious pieces of jewelry belonging to my mom which she acquired simply because Princess Di had a similar type. They’ll very well serve as a memorabilia of the great Princess.



  1. As elegant as a swan: Like a swan, she carried an aura of grace everywhere she appeared.


And just like a swan, she paddled like hell beneath.



  1. Vulnerable: Another sweet aspect of Princess Diana is her unpretentiousness about her perceived weaknesses; she let people know that she was human as opposed to an infallible picture-perfect idol that she was often perceived to be.Yet never has vulnerability been so dignified; she seamlessly combined humanity and royalty in a short but indelible 36 years.


Strange as it may seem, her demise was sort of personal in a way I can’t accurately explain; no one comes close to the epitome of superb royalty as she and twenty years later, I hope her legacy continues to live on.



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