The Proposal Challenge 




It was and still is in good form to observe certain unwritten rules when a man proposes marriage to a woman.

First of all, he should ask for her hand in marriage from her father, not herself- the priest does not ask ‘who gives this woman to this man?’ in vain you know.

In contemporary times like in the past, he may opt to go for a walk with him and make his intentions known (I personally don’t think this tradition should fade out) and in the event that her dad is unavailable due to his demise or departure, a gentleman may consider asking her mother or other respectable family member.

All these should happen before he goes on a bended knee with a ring to the lady.

Unfortunately, not only is this tradition fast dying out, a reverse trend is about to gain momentum, due to the unwillingness of modern men to pop this milestone question- women are now getting on bended knees!

I saw the story the other day on social media and then before I could blink, I saw another one and yet another one.

As the etiquette enthusiast that I am, I am not in support of this trend.

As is expected, many men are glad about this- the taking up of their own burdens by women whom they assume the union will benefit more, especially status wise.

Ladies, can you propose to a man, no matter how much in love you are with him? Can you get on bended knees for a ring? Can you take the proposal challenge?

Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is not just some fancy way of hoping to begin the journey to forever you know; it is a declaration of who you are, what you have, your dreams, your promises to her which is why some men literally declare their assets before asking a woman if she can commit to their state of things.

So when a woman gets on her knees, is she asking to be the provider in the relationship? I wonder.

If there’s ever a challenge I never want to see go viral it’s this one; please, let’s nip this role reversal in the bud- I don’t want to join any one to lay flat on a mat to ask for a man’s hand in marriage.



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