Whistling, Honking or Catcalling- What’s your Boorish preference?

Photo credit: Huffingtonpost



Many ladies, this writer included, have been victims of one or more of the above cardinal cousins of coarseness; note that whistling and honking in the context being described is unacceptable in polite society when utilized to get a lady’s attention.

No self-respecting gentleman will employ any of these when attempting to gain audience irrespective of the direness of the situation.

It’s not so much the act as it is the nature that births the act.





It is a given that everyone wasn’t raised in the art of etiquette (which is one of the reasons this blog was created) and are therefore prone to be ungentlemanly but what excuse can be found for those who choose to be ignorant despite knowing the rules?


And for those that know no other decent way to call for attention, do you change when you eventually know? It’s progressive to.

Catcalling, honking or whistling shows a man places no value on the object of his fancy.



I find it challenging to process that real people start relationships this way. Well, good luck with that one.

All I know is if someone places no value on a treasure, no matter how rare or expensive, especially at first contact, it’s sure to be cast before swine sooner than later.

If a man fancies you enough and respects you, not only will he not honk at you from his vehicle, he will not call you from behind his wheels.



You shouldn’t have to bend over by his vehicle to talk to a stranger (except if you’re helping with directions), he should stop and get down to talk if he’s serious enough.

If you’re a lady, don’t answer to a catcall, whistle or the mechanical honk of a vehicle Bentley.

If you’re not, make your choice.


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