Sir Goldman

Gold sun


Sir Goldman enters town with bells on- chains, rings, bracelets and more chains

The clanging sounds and the glittering jewels attract the people and turn heads

Is that real gold? Are those diamonds real? Is the silver sure?

Who could match Mr Goldman’s flamboyance?

Is there still gold in Ghana? Diamonds in South Africa?

What if the gold is fake? What if the accessories are costume?

Who then could match Sir Goldman’s silliness?

Arousing attention to that which is not?




Sir Goldman is dressed to dinner- big buckle on belly, proud pendant on chest

Diamond rings on his fingers, gold studs on his ears and gold shoes to match

Will the guests think him to be a priest because of this giant Cross pendant?

So large, so bold and so priestly?

Will the sight of a roaring lion head belt buckle scare people away?

Will they think his shoes to be a mirror reflecting their images?

Will they think him to be a desperate jewellery hawker?

Parading his goods during dinner?





Sir Goldman goes to work with his accoutrements- golden briefcase, golden laptop

Golden mobile phones, golden pen and golden papers

He’s all gold, bold and bling

Does he work in a goldfield? In Eldorado? Will the co-workers concentrate?

Will they gawk in admiration? Will there be a golden break?

In honour of Sir Goldman’s ostentation?

Or will he be scorned and ridiculed?

Will they call him a seriocomic or a jester?





Sir Goldman goes for a walk in the park wearing his golden sunglasses

His golden gadget in arms- golden walking stick and a golden smoke pipe

He has a golden leash holding Golda the golden retriever

The children gather to stare and point at Sir Goldman

Mama, the Gold Man is shining brightly!

There’s gold on his hands, there’s gold on his feet

There’s gold on his face and on his waist too

Look! His gold dog even poops out gold too!



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