8 Things Every Lady Relates To Well


Being a lady is not a day’s job, it’s a daily job.
It’s not a title or trophy which is won and displayed in a showroom but a standard of behaving that is observed all the time.
Here are 8 stressful habits that those aspiring to the distinguished title can relate to.
Keeping sweet wrappers and other disposables in the purse.


This can seem extreme to the uninitiated but a lady-in-the-making knows better than to litter.
If the wrapper was clean enough for the purse before the contents were emptied, it is clean enough afterwards (if there’s no trash container in sight)
The burden of never running out of nail polish dissolver


If it’s chipped, it ain’t chic. Having a nail polish dissolver and cotton wool close by or the nail polish to re polish is a crucial headache for the polish-wearing ladies in the event of a nail polish chip.
How mentally tasking it is to manage a gorgeous look.

The 24-hour hand cream
Because parched hands are unattractive to anyone.
Ashy hands are an untasteful phenomenon which a lady makes a point of duty to avoid.

The all compulsory breath fresheners
Popping mints every other hour has become a natural habit. In quietness or talkativeness, the mouth may produce an odour so a lady has to have a mouth deodouriser all the time to check this aspect of her biology.
Whew! Lady ladens.
The panty-hose smooth shave


Shaving till your skin is tongue-smooth for when wearing a gown or dress that reveals these members. Ladies’ homilies.


Omnipresent deodorant


Keeping a deodorant at home, another in the office and yet another in the car because nothing secures your confidence like a deodorant!


The airplane / silent mode she swears by


Entering a meeting or service and switching your phone to the silent mode to avoid those killer eyes that come with loud ringing devices.



Eena, meena, mina……no?

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Selecting a dress that preaches finesse and style and at the same time isn’t trashy can be a huge headache.
It’s either you let go of the lovely red dress with a deep V you’ve already imagined yourself in or buy it anyway and take it to the local tailor for proper adjustments #Lady goals.


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