The Depravity of Stripping Female Criminals

Photo credit: Salon

It was an early Tuesday afternoon and I was en route to an appointment.
I got a bit restless in the moving traffic and lazily scrolled through my social media page to distract myself from the dizzying traffic when I came across live pictures of a naked female kidnapper caught in the act.
Another day, another criminal and yet another barbaric manner of presenting a criminal to the public.
It is depressing that the first thing the ‘jungle jury’ do when a criminal is caught, especially a female one, is to strip her of her clothes.
What on God’s green earth does that achieve?
It’s funny that when male criminals are caught, they are rarely stripped.
Shamed but rarely ever stripped.
But the woman’s sins are twofold in the very same circumstance- she committed a crime and she’s a woman.
This is not about equalizing shameful approaches of chastisement but about eliminating them altogether.
If a criminal is caught, they should be shamed for the crime committed and not for their gender.
A woman’s body is not her crime; you may throw tomatoes if you are so offended but let her clothes be.
Anyone who can forcefully strip a woman, no matter her sin can be likened to a rapist or a beast in the body of a man.
I remember with a heavy heart the story of the so-called Ejigbo pepper thieves, one or two of whom died from the inhumane torture they endured from idle, frustrated sadists.
To coincide with this event is the disgraceful rejection of the bill of gender equality by the Nigerian senate.
The craze to ‘share’ and ‘like’ images of naked female criminals on social media is bothersome.
If we can’t at least censor these images before putting them up, we need to re-assess our claim to civilization.
It is the dirtiest, basest and most uncivilized type of pornography.
It is never okay to strip a woman against her will and put such pictures on social media.
There’s nothing more sickening than seeing a naked woman- not because she is Kim Kardashian but because she is a criminal #SayNoToStrippingWomen


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