When Pizzas Go Stale


I love pizza because it is delicious and also because it is a many-sided snack that’s ideal for sharing with a friend or more; woe to him who has no one with whom to share his pizza-for he shall eat it all alone!

Pizza, to me, represents relationships. I think that’s why it is divided into its many sides.

If pizza was meant for one person there would be no need to make the cuts or who cuts up donuts and burgers?


The thing is pizzas go bad for want of people to eat them the same way relationships degenerate for want of committed folks.

If you don’t tend your garden, it is only expected that it will be overrun with weeds.

Indeed, I have experienced and seen relationships degenerate not due to a wrong from either side but by subconscious disinterest.

Ending a romantic relationship gradually by not returning calls or messages on time is a strange phenomenon, but it does happen.

I mean, if you want to end things, why not be abrupt about it?

I was once out with a good friend when he ran into his ex who ‘ended things’ with a similar approach; it was indeed an awkward run-in.

Familiar friends turned strained strangers.


Even though my friend has since moved on and is happily married, I recall the scenario with a sense of loss.

The next time I order a pizza, there’s going to be a hand for every slice so that nothing goes stale.

Pizzas and people are too precious to get stale.


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