For Coloured Girls

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If you’ve ever been called the n-word and the b-word in one sentence, this one is for you.

It’s one thing to be black, it’s another to be a woman and when you belong to the two most victimized categories ever, these are the facts you get.

Black women are an easy target for rape and molestation

Did you see the image of a Ugandan woman being tortured in India? Apparently, that is what they endure on a daily basis.


They have the highest rate of children born out of wedlock-


They are most likely to be misconstrued as prostitutes in some parts of Europe

If you’re black and female in Italy, you risk being the image of prostitution. From the bus to the mall to your hotel room, passes fit for prostitutes are made at you.

Because they will mostly have black spouses, they have the highest risk of being single parents

This point speaks to the men folk more but women ought to raise responsible men too, it’s a cyclical challenge.


White, male counterparts are favored above them in career competition

It’s common knowledge, white and male colleagues are preferred to any other group.


Their children are the images of poverty, famine and western adoption

The skinny, tuberculosis-infected child on charity posters is always black.


They are the least likely to get a degree

While a degree these days doesn’t automatically translate to money or a good job (emphasis is placed on skills), it is usually required to sit on multinational boards, which explains why black women are not represented there.


They are less likely to be chosen as trophy wives compared to other races

Men, including black men, like to marry white women as a symbol of reaching the peak. With a white chick on your arm, you’ve arrived.

I’m not judging- you like what you like but few people think having a black woman’s hand in marriage is an achievement.


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