She’s Not That Into You

Photo credit: Garden of Eden Flower Shop

If you’ve seen the movie, ‘He’s not just that into you’, you may erroneously think that only guys have the exclusive right not to be into girls but hey, guess what, girls too are sometimes not into guys, duh!


In case you misconstrue some of her gestures as an indication of interest, let me interpret them to you.


She says you have cute eyes/ lips all the time: It is most likely not flattery; it is true you are an Adonis but she may not necessarily be thinking what you are thinking.

She may simply adore your features like she does a baby, it’s not that deep. You may as well be an artifact in the museum- something to admire but not possess.
She thinks you are funny: It is true many ladies love to have a funny man but it is equally true that not all are attracted to comedians.


The laughter ends in her mouth; her heart is deeper and hidden. Your words engage her humour but there are no strings attached.


She calls you for advice: She thinks you are knowledgeable, not necessarily attractive. She can be deeply impressed by your expertise and still not think of bearing your name. (Come to think of it, I’ve never heard of a Mrs. Einstein!)
She gets too comfortable around you too soon: No makeup, casual clothes, and tousled hair may be telling signs of the platonic nature of your relationship.

If your presence does not make her paint her nails or put on a pretty dress once in a while, that is not ‘the way she is’, you are officially in the friend zone!
She tells you about other guys: Her antennae are up and active, only not in your direction.

Her antennae may be in Lagos while the waves are coming in from Las Vegas. It just means she’ll pass. Besides, you only seek relationship advice from those you wouldn’t normally think of dating-family & friends.



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