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The noticeable ‘sins’ of tasteful fashion abound in different genres but the inconspicuous ones can eventually interrupt the powerful fashion statement we sometimes try to make.

Photo credit: Macy’s

Opaque Tights: Opaque tights (or pantyhose) are for shorter dresses or skirts while sheer ones go better with long garments and garments that end around the knees. Pairing opaque tights with long fitted dresses can be tacky.

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Unnecessary Belts: People of little stature should beware of using belts (always) at their midriff when wearing a gown. This is because a belt ‘divides’ one’s length and could make one look shorter than they really are, unless this is your intention. It is superfluous to use a belt when the gown is fitted enough; you can don on another statement accessory such as a neckpiece or shoes if your hope of glamour was on the belt.


Bra Palaver: Putting on a Versace on the wrong bra will always produce a less-than-classy appearance. Do a dress rehearsal if it’s a new gown or a new bra; you may need a fuller cup or a more symmetrical bra.

Source: Youtube

Hair Décor: Hairstyles are unique to different faces- oblong, oval, rectangular and so on; so find what best compliments your face. If you’re aiming for a flawless look, don’t use only a bright coloured rubber band to hold your hair together, cover it with a fancy band. Also, don’t use a large band to hold a ponytail; large bands are best for holding the hair backwards.


Bleached Skin: If you do this, do it very well, particularly dark-skinned ladies. Having darker than normal skin at the joints may present a crass look no matter how expensive the rings are.


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