The B-Word


According to the leading dictionary definitions, the term “bitch” means:
• A female dog.
• An unpleasant person (usually female) or situation.
• A woman with multiple sexual partners.

It is safe to say that the word has evolved to include many other definitions, most of which are derogatory.
The negativity of the term not only makes it an insult, it makes it very sexist, especially when said by men.
More often than not, this word is used in unbelievably hateful contexts.
The definitions above reveal why women are pitifully, the victims of the word.
The first definition is not unrelated to the third- a female dog on heat usually seeks partners (any partner, including her own offspring) and initiates mating, a direct jab at women who practice the night trade, and by extension, ALL women.
It is also widely assumed that women tend to have a post-coital attitude bordering on rude.
Hence, the second definition of an “unpleasant woman”.
The thing though is that these situations do not adequately apply to all women and even though it may apply to some, it doesn’t warrant such put down.
Just as not everyone stands at street corners at night for bucks, some ARE born with an attitude regardless of any coition.
It is unfortunate that the b word is now the universal term for women; it doesn’t matter if she’s a eunuch, widowed, faithfully married, virgin or teenager, she’s just a b!tch or ashawo.
I consider the term so derogatory that when people mistaken my dog for being male, I can’t even say, “Oh no, she’s a b!tch” Lol!
It’s upsetting to hear an ungentlemanly fellow call a woman the word just because he’s angered by her.


It doesn’t matter how pristine any woman is, nobody wants to be called by such a demoralizing term.
Besides, only a bairn calls a spade a spade, the sophisticated know better.
To call a woman this name just because she is has a feminine appearance and easy to pick on is social bullying and goes completely against the rules of civility.
It is the hallmark of the initiated to be polite.



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