A Lady’s Wardrobe: Combining style and substance

Everything in moderation, including moderation- Oscar Wilde



One of the key words when it comes to dressing up is moderation.

Too little clothes can be immoderate just as too much clothes can be a faux pas.

I have put together a few suggestions for your wardrobe if you are thinking of successfully combining style and substance.

When next you think skirt and blouse, don’t think of boring.

Blue and white gown
Summer Style

Easy to wear and comfortable, I love gowns.

Jean jacket, white blouse and maci skirt
Casual chic

Comfortable and easy to put together.

Pink gown and brown belt
Simply classy

Effortless style. Gowns!

Blouse and trousers
Sheer elegance

Soft and beautiful colours.

Stripped blouse and cream skirt
Country class

The brown belt is the catch.

Coat on skirt and blouse
Teenage sophistication

Because everyone likes to stay young.

African print
Bold Prints

For that African spirit.

I hope you like them.


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