‘The Other Womaness’

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The other womaness is a syndrome that berates the self esteem of women and establishes an inferiority complex deep within their psyche.
It affects a majority of women today and tells them that they can only be second best, or how else will one explain the increasing figures of affairs that exist?
I recently read an article where the writer narrated how she had been in an affair for twenty five good years with a married man.
That’s equivalent to a lifetime.
Like many ‘other women’, she blamed a few factors like self-esteem issues and being the less loved woman by her father when she compared to her step mother whom her father married after her mother’s demise.
She somewhat accepted it as her ‘fate’, like many others often do.
This article does not refer to cultures and religions where polygamy is accepted.
Rather, it does refer to those in opposite conditions- whose cultures and religions do not support polygamy.
After all, ‘to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin’
The other womaness is a situation so serious; there are etiquette rules on being a mistress!
I stumble on such articles when I surf the internet.
One of the rules, I remember is something like this, ‘When he’s with his wife and family at home, don’t call him, wait for him to call you’
Before nko? Of course you have to wait.
Well, what if you really need to speak with or connect with him emotionally?
I think the saddest reason why a man cannot be with you is because he is with his legitimate woman and you both know that and there’s nothing you or anyone can do but respect the arrangement and quiet your emotions till he is available for you which may be a long time.
Talk of crumbs.
It must be a very difficult place to be.
I’m not judging, just pondering with sympathy.
I hope I don’t sound like a bitter woman that has caught her man in an affair because that’s not the situation, Lol!
I can imagine though that the perfect delusion of happily ever after is so beautiful, many will willingly not wake up; it’s too good not to be true.
And the fear of waking to the real world of darkness and loneliness in a room filled with rats and mice is overwhelming.
However, like the woman in the story above, a time will come when he will eventually choose his family over an affair and that for me is the real fear.
Being the other woman is not a fate.
It is always a choice.

3 thoughts on “‘The Other Womaness’

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  2. you are right, it is always a choice but one your heart makes for you sometimes.

    1. Yes, you are right- the heart makes these choices for us. Thank you for reading.

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