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The one is married the other is single but, unlike their female counterparts, their titles remain the same after saying their ‘I dos’.

Interesting differences between Mr and Mr:

  • One dines on ramen noodles (or bread or akara), the other relishes a home-made meal.
  • One has the responsibility of watching out for others, the other has the responsibility for watching out for himself.
  • One is on a leash, the other is at ease.
  • One has a house, the other has a home.
  • One has a treasure in his partner, the other in his pardners.
  • One is the ‘head of his home’; the other is the head of him.
  • One has an assurance, the other has variableness.

2 thoughts on “MR VS. MR

  1. Hahahaha! A nice read. Kudos sis

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