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I have previously stated that I’m not a fan of modern day feminism– it’s such a complex roller coaster of women’s rights and entitlements.
This feminism aims to have its cake and eat it too, or how else would you explain a phenomenon that wants to enjoy the ‘soft privileges’ of being the ‘weaker sex’ yet claim (at the same time, with the same intensity) equality to all masculine privileges?
This feminism is directly, fast choking out chivalry expected from gentlemen.
Isn’t it a shame that we ladies are killing the very chivalry that we are trying to revive in this age?
I don’t believe a woman’s place isn’t in the home, I believe her place is both in the home and in the office, field or wherever her career demands she be.

In doubling both domestic and career demands, the true genius outs.



Here are few of the ways ladies are nipping resurrecting chivalry in the bud.
If a man offers help to ‘a damsel in distress’ (in an attempt to be gallant), he’s likely to be labeled ‘sexist’ because the woman is ‘not judged strong enough to help herself’.
To make matters worse, if a woman decides to approach a man she fancies and he turns down her advances (howbeit courteously), she accuses him of hurting her feelings because she wants to accept no responsibility whatsoever of taking an action.
Isn’t that what happens when you take on the risk of asking a guy out? Not that this decision is exactly wrong (the gentleman and lady have to be both very mature if it’s going to end well though)but as a woman, you must accept the possibility of rejection and cope with it because that’s what masculine men do!


If you’re super sensitive (like most women are), sweetheart, don’t bother making the move on him.

You may not be ‘man enough’ to handle a rejection if that eventually happens.
Be true to feminism if it is logical, progressive and in support of chivalry and grace.
Anything beyond this feminism is unrealistic- you can’t have your cake and eat it too.


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