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It’s not too late to wave unfashionable trends goodbye.
Trends come and go but pictures are forever!
Don’t let your fashion sense injure your grace.
Look out for these ludicrous things.
Lead Pencil: If 2014 seemed medieval, make this year futuristic. I cannot begin to explain how backward this trend is but I always wonder if victims of this bizarreness aim to look more like a waxed Madame Tussauds property. Please use eye pencils, not gaudy lead metals.
Black Liner: This is another old trend that needs to remain in the past. Use lip liners or fillers but not black liners around your lips!


Pop Sock on Open-Toe Wedges: The thing about being fashion forward generally is you either pull it off like Diane von Furstenberg or not at all because when you miss rather than hit it, it’s usually a very terrible miss. I have seen people pull this look off elegantly.
Oversized Garments: If you want to wear oversized frock coats or ‘boyfriend’ shirts, it must frame your body without losing style or grace otherwise you look like you wrapped some yards of fabric around you.
Eye Lashes: Wear it like you are not wearing it. Otherwise, let your eyes see clearly and breathe.
Tight Clothes: There’s a difference between ‘fitted’ and ‘tight’. Tight makes you uncomfortable and may even affect your breathing and ultimately, your health. Your discomfort shows through when you wear tight clothes. Make it fitted and elegant.
Parrot Fashion: Lastly, not everything should be copied hook, line and sinker. What you admire on someone else may look nice on you too but without the accessory or something else. You may add or subtract from the appearance; it mustn’t be the whole kit and caboodle.


Choose elegance!


  1. Real talk haha I have a few I’d add to this list…thank you for the laugh 🙂

    1. Lol. You’re welcome, I’ll appreciate the addition.

  2. You’re absolutely right, you know! Honestly, it will be so embarrassing to find me still engaging in any of these. Well, I am currently on research for the latest fashion updates and options so this got me here. Thanks for the relevant information that you have in this article. Please do well to also get information from my blog HERE >>> https://www.techshure.com/aol-mail-icon/

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