Judge A Book by Its Writer, Not Its Cover



I find it somewhat easy not to judge a thing or person by their external accessories (okay, maybe not all the time) even though it is inevitable to do so sometimes.
This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate beautiful things or people, I simply don’t attribute more hype than is called for- admiration for beauty but respect is reserved for more substantial qualities.
There’s a condition in plant science known as ‘foolish seedling’. This is brought about by an excessive release of gibberellic acid in a plant that results in hypertrophy- a situation whereby the plant develops at an abnormally fast rate which can be evident in its height (think of a 6 feet tall eight year old).


This condition affects humans too.


It’s the reason why grown men approach underage girls, oblivious to the fact that her body is growing faster than her brain.
Like someone once said, there are tall fools, pretty fools, and handsome fools.
There are also intelligent maids, kind servants and ambitious refugees.
Don’t be too fascinated by flawless facades.
Still waters run deep.



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