Working. Winning. Women


Women should work.
All women should work especially the young and vibrant, because working women win.
A career used to be synonymous with a professional occupation such as a diplomat but the term is more loosely used these days to accommodate entertainers, models, artistes and so on.

It may surprise you what odd jobs you’ll find if you dare to look- there’s such a thing as ‘Pet food taster’!
There is therefore no excuse for a woman not to be doing anything that delivers some form of payment for its undertaking.
Ladies of leisure may argue but let’s see how a working woman, wife or otherwise will always win.
A rich husband will grumble: Most men do not want to incur a liability in the name of marriage,including the rich ones; the proof is everywhere.

When the magic of romance wanes, real life sets in and it’s often not pretty for the wife that thinks she can demand for anything from her all-sufficient husband. It won’t take long before he begins to mess you up.

Depending on someone 100% is a hard thing to do indeed.
A poor husband will grumble more: If a rich man grumbles, a poor man will do worse. The man that will probably not grumble about your insatiable needs is a wealthy, flourishing husband but while you do not have that, work!
Inventions are waiting to happen: You just may be the next Einstein or Ford, who knows? If you ponder enough on the lives that are lost, devalued or oppressed due to your refusal to do that thing which you were born to do, you’ll probably reconsider.

Even if you happen to be a lady of leisure (your husband adequately provides ALL of your needs, yes, we know), there’s an innate yearning to do something; not for money but for relevance and the satisfaction that comes with usefulness.
The reward for work is fair, pretty money. What’s more, you may earn your share of fame and promotion from doing what you love to do.
The best thing about being a woman is being able to carry out both the divine responsibilities of a man (making money) and that of the woman (making babies).

How super is that!


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  1. This is an extremely well written post 🙂

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