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“As a Texan, I say Ma’am and Sir to my age contemporaries and open doors for anyone that I can.
This goes for men, too, though it is appreciated when they beat me to it and disappointing when they don’t.”
― Tiffany Madison





I don’t wish I was a boy. I mean, I love being a girl. Consider the benefits of being a lass-under the guise of women’s illness, anything is permissible! Plus, people I have never met before open doors for me.

However, there are certain things I would do differently if I had the opportunity of being a boy with the mindset that I have.


I’d be mindful of my appearance and the impression I make: Appearance in this sense is not strictly restricted to polished shoes or a well-knotted tie but to other overlooked aspects of presence, like the cleanliness of the shirt and not just the price tag (because it can be designers with dirty collar and cuffs), fresh breath, effective deodorant/ cologne and other aspects of hygiene that receive little attention. 80% of an impression is made before someone is introduced and you can bet that all the above form the basis for making an impression.



I wouldn’t pee in public: One of the easiest ways to stand out and make a striking impression is by setting a standard where none exists. Even though it is indisputable that a lady should never! wee in public, refusing to wee in public sets a man apart and endorses him as a gentleman. Passing out waste while everyone is watching is a characteristic too frequently displayed by the average man. I would rise above that.


I wouldn’t ask a lady for her number the moment we greet: This is so cliché that it is quite expected. Don’t get me wrong though- you can and should ask a lady for her number if you want to but the timing and approach are crucial in determining if you’re successful or not and this is where your cleverness comes to play.

The bottom line is, communicate with her and ask for her number in such a way that she will willingly give you the right digits…and even look forward to your call.



I’d learn a sport: Because it’s healthy, fun and increases one’s appeal. Science has shown that participating in sports and activities that work the muscles, heart and blood system significantly influences cognitive ability, thereby increasing intelligence. Men are naturally strong and sporting is an excellent avenue to display and exercise this strength.

I’d put a lady first: If this requires me to hold up an umbrella for her, open the door for her or help her with her seat, I’d gladly do it. There’s nothing to loose after all.

If I was a boy, I’d just be a gentleman!



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