Source: Vanity Fair

“The greater the man, the greater the courtesy”
-Alfred, Lord Tennyson


A first lady, princess or any prominent individual should be on their best behavior no doubt but they are not the only ones to be.


Any self-respecting person should subject himself or herself to higher rules of relating with people and society.

It is said that respect is earned and not demanded or even inherited.


A lady beside or an ideal gentleman therefore knows the rules when it comes to earning respect.

Associates/ friends: If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas. It could not be more self explanatory. The company you keep largely influences the label attached to you. The only factor that stands between your uninfluenced character and the ignoble one of your friends is time.
The law: Do not leave home without your driver’s license- policemen roam around like hungry lions seeking whom they may devour! Sometimes, it’s the most ‘insignificant’ caution that we take that saves us a N5, 000 ‘appeasement fee’ and 90 minutes of negotiation. Obey only the law, and then stand on your right.

Accountability: When it comes to financial matters, be far away from ‘suspicion’ as possible, especially in the spotlight. Be ruthlessly accountable, document transactions and have evidence.

Leery circumstances: Vladimir Putin is once more grabbing global headlines for giving his coat to the Chinese first lady in a cold environment (you were quite the gentleman, Putin). His gentlemanly gesture however backfired because he did it in the presence of her husband and the world.


Controversial gifts: A wise man once said the timing of issuance determines if a giveaway is a gift or a bribe. In other words, discretion should guide on how much, when and what exactly is given as a gift. Giving waitresses money for excellent services is tipping. Giving someone money or gifts in the spirit of festivities or kindness is charity.


However, paying the contracts manager of a company with which you hope to win a contract huge amount of cash is bribing. No two words for it.





  1. Brilliant! Ofcourse, as always. Way to go!

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