Then Came The Bluestocking

Girls who read are dangerous


If the fact that an educated woman is dangerous seems farfetched to you, take a cue from the intensity of efforts devoted to keeping girls out of school in many parts of the world, thereby promoting ignorance.
Many ignorant people deem it improper to be adequately educated as a woman because they feel threatened when they realize that a woman armed with knowledge is armed with power, which is true.

This is also because learned women are in sharp contrast to what some ignorant societies deem to be ideal- having babies, cooking and cleaning, being a docile wife sex slave et cetera.
More than knowing history and the law, an educated woman knows her rights, particularly her right to be treated as a lady, who has the power to choose a career path and, especially a life partner (yes, many women the world don’t have that right)
Why will a woman want to read anyway?
To earn a degree: It can’t be done through any other way. BSc= Book Store Cultured


As a hobby: Being miserly with  a good book so that the intriguing imaginary phase you are going through doesn’t end quickly.


Because she’s a quidnunc: She’ll click that link to get the latest news, sizzling gossip and fashion trends.


Because it’s raining outside and she has chocolate, a warm bed and a good book!


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