Best Citizens

There are not enough jails, not enough policemen, not enough courts to enforce a law not supported by the people.

–          Hubert h. Humphrey


In primary school, I was taught that there were two classes of citizens- good citizens and bad citizens; the good obey fundamental laws while the bad disobey them.

I however was not taught that there were other classes of citizens- the best citizens.

These are citizens that won’t just do what the law dictates, but do what is morally and consciounably acceptable, since specified laws may not always exist in all aspects of society.

The transition from being a good citizen to being a best citizen comprises of very basic rules:

When you approach that zebra crossing, just stop so the pedestrians can cross.

When you’re done chewing your sweets and gums, just hold the wrappers till you see a waste bin.

When you see a queue, just join it.

When you see the red light, just stop.

When you see the trimmed lawn, just take the sidewalk.

When you see an overpass, just take it.

When you see the law, just obey it!




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