Why I Am Not A Modern Day Feminist II

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I was previously differentiating between modern day feminism and that of the early 90’s and i highlighted privileges that men tend to enjoy naturally.

Women also have certain privileges exclusive to them:
• She can house a child in her body for nine months and give it life.
• She understands the joy and sacrificial love of motherhood.
• She has the right to pick and choose from a sea of suitors (duh!).
• She can easily increase her physical appeal naturally and artificially.
• She is more sentimental and can therefore make sentimentally important decisions.
• She can know if she is expecting a child in a maximum period of 30 days (some men never know if they father a child throughout their lifetime).
• She has the divine ability to successfully multi task.
• She can singlehandedly train a child from his cradle to his grave.


The bane of modern day feminism is not just that it exaggerates the quest for equality by encouraging women to fill men’s shoes, but it also encourages men to take up women’s roles.
It’s more than welcome when a husband helps in changing diapers and preparing dinner but it is unfair to assume that his paternal instincts will be exhibited in the same way a woman’s maternal instincts will.


A woman is naturally cursed with the burden of nurturing, caring and loving a child even to sacrificial levels while a man’s primary instincts is to provide, especially financially.
It is crucial to understand that women may go under the knife to sound and look like a man but they cannot optimally demonstrate the natural abilities of a man and should accept their own uniqueness which they erroneously equate to weakness.
I support the call for equality but feministic demands are getting ridiculous by the hour.
Men and women are equal but different.
If I can study and pass my exams, if I can get any degree I desire, if I can cast my vote and it counts, if I can sue any erring individual in the court of law, if I can head any group, company or nation in a two-sexed world, I do not need to be a modern day feminist.
Life as an ambitious woman in an opportunity-filled world is fulfilling enough, thank you.

8 thoughts on “Why I Am Not A Modern Day Feminist II

  1. Nice finish, or….part 3 ? Written like a master , or is it madam negotiator ?

  2. Funsho Omojuyigbe 04/09/2014 — 22:19

    ‘women erroneously equate their uniqueness to weakness’….very well said!

  3. I really enjoyed your piece even though i mostly disagree..the right to vote was once fought for by some feminists you know. Yes, modern day feminists are a bit over demanding (demanding unnecessary and ridiculous things) but there are schools of feminism you might love. You just have to find that school and go with it.

    1. Thanks for the read. I am definitely a feminist, just not according to trending standards. I lend my voice to ‘worthwhile’ feminism causes but not the ridiculous ones.

  4. Please oo we await the next post. Thank you!

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