Why I Am Not A Modern Day Feminist

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A woman who strives to be like a man lacks ambition
– Helen Rowland

Feminism has been defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.
This movement can be traced back to the early 19th century and the main concerns were voting rights, equal pay rights, maternity leave rights, curtailing domestic violence and sexual harassment.
I must praise the heroines of yesteryears that fought so hard to ensure the rights that the modern day woman like me now enjoy- women can now walk around without an escort at any time of the day in most parts of the world (imagine having someone breathing down your neck every minute of the day), women can now accept or refuse marriage proposals according to the counsel of their own will and not according to another’s(imagine again, being trapped with someone you have no feelings for for the rest of your life)


Domestic violence and sexual harassment are considered crimes in an increasing portion of the world.
Child support and division of properties and monies between husband and wife in the event of a divorce is a common law in many lands.
Maternity leave is pretty much normal too.
I firmly support that feminist movement.
But I’m afraid that’s how far I can go.
Modern day feminism is going overboard in many respects.
It has become an excuse for flagrant rebelliousness, irresponsibility and self indulgence.


This is why there’s such an accusation as slut-shaming these days. (Modern feminists quickly forget that a woman’s nudity brings about a sense of shame which may not necessarily be so for a man.

Female celebrities are the main victims in leaked nude photos and not males, including those that are presently trending).
If a woman favours a man over another woman while casting a vote, she’s anti-feminist even though her decision is determined by the genuineness of his policies and not by gender.
Beauty standards are skyrocketing these days and so is the quest for the perfect body.
It is fast becoming blameworthy to praise natural curves over artificial implants these days because that too is anti-feministic.
Regardless of the noble aim of a correction, if it brings about guilt in women, it is considered anti feministic.
These days, if a mother leaves her toddler unattended and anyone dares to point it out, they are anti feminist for doing so.

After all, she deserves some credit for being a mother.
This is why I call this ideology an act of self indulgence.
There are several rights that men enjoy that women, by nature are not entitled to and they need to acknowledge that.
• In having many sexual partners, a man becomes something of a star while a woman is labeled a slut. (Please note that I am in no way encouraging promiscuity but simply stating inescapable points)
• He can delay child bearing till he is fifty; his time is not ticking so fast.
• He is more logical than sentimental and can therefore make logically important decisions.
• He can be fat and ugly (but rich) and still be very eligible.
• He can father countless children of the same age at the same time.
• He is never concerned about shedding ‘the baby weight’.


To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Why I Am Not A Modern Day Feminist

  1. I enjoy reading your writings, the sheer simplicity in which you address salient issues is quite commendable.

  2. Funsho Omojuyigbe 04/09/2014 — 11:40

    It was a good read….especially at the point when you mentioned the shame of nudity! imagine some feminists championing the cause: ‘Free the nipple’! It’s just ridiculous!

  3. “I am a feminist , but thats how far I can go”. love that part.

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