Everyday Manners

A good manner is the best letter of recommendation among strangers. Civility, refinement and gentleness are passports to hearts and homes, while awkwardness, coarseness and gruffness are met with locked doors and closed hearts.
-Our deportment


The appeal that good manners generate is usually underestimated.

Here are everyday dos and don’ts of those that will be deemed well mannered.

On the streets: Observe traffic rules. Don’t spit. Don’t litter.
At the restaurant: Don’t order an unfamiliar meal. Do use cutleries. Do leave a tip.
In transit: Don’t recline your seat to disturb others. Don’t stick chewed gum anywhere. Give up your seat for an invalid (on a bus)

At a meeting: Do turn your ringer off. Dress formally. Be punctual.
At the gym: Use the section for your gender. Wipe equipment that may have sweat on them after use. Be time conscious on gym equipment so others can use.
As a guest: Make your bed. Make your stay brief. Accept hospitality with thanks.

At a party: Eat and drink in moderation. Don’t take away when the food is not enough. Introduce yourself and friends to others.



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