The Lady, Fit & Fair

‘It’s not about being insanely skinny, it’s about being healthy’

-Heath-fitness tips

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Being called fat to a girl may be synonymous to being called ugly.

Sometime ago, I was caught up in the rapid changes that typify adolescent hood; I was more in size than my diet and lifestyle accounted for.

Fortunately more than unfortunately, it was to no one’s ignorance.

Not that I was obese or even close (my weight was within a healthy boundary for my age) but I’ll like to think that I deviated from majority’s physical imagination of me at that age seeing that I was an average weight child.

I do not share the ideology that states that a lady must be the image of a skeleton to be called beautiful but i do know that a lady is health conscious and does not let the occasionally ridiculous standards of beauty interfere with her health- she avoids the extremes of anorexia and obesity.

To check obesity that may be imminent with her increasing weight, a lady adopts the healthiest ways possible to dislodge the lipids by:

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Drinking lots of water: Water is indeed the best drink. A glass or two early in the morning aids digestion, reduces the possibility of headaches and fills the stomach so that less food than usual is craved for. Drinking of water can be abused though; there are times when the body makes optimal use of water, such as in the mornings, an hour to thirty minutes before every meal and an hour after wards. Eating and drinking simultaneously is not the best option, especially when you want a flatulence-free experience afterwards.


Exercising: Exercise, I have come to understand, is an initially unpleasant then addictive experience. The law of inertia aptly applies when it comes to it. Studies suggest that the best time for exercising is in the mornings and I may agree because, it places one in high spirits for the better part of the day and also decimates the likelihood that a negative emotion will overwhelm one during the day.


Eating good fats: Walnuts, lean beef, avocadoes etc are very rich sources of good fat. I must not deny though that it is essential to treat oneself to occasional fries, pizzas and burgers (I am quite realistic in dieting) as the temptation to indulge in these things when they are abruptly stopped in a diet may be harder to resist. The amount consumable is however defined by an individual’s metabolic rate. Some of us require a few weeks and even more miles to burn off fat while for the rest of us; a burger is evaporated by the time we reach the 5th floor.


Eating fruits, especially greens: Very important nutrients for health and beauty are contained in fruits and vegetables. And if cutting and chewing away at a piece of fruit is not your thing, the juicers and blenders will help in producing swirl-and-swallow smoothies!

You do not have to compare yourself to a Victoria secret model but you have to be healthy, take the challenge!


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  1. Very well written! Absolutely to the point. I have just started a food and fitness blog which focusses on healthy and intelligent nutrition as well as fitness exercises. You can find it under if you are interested ☺

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