So Noble, So Lady

‘…whether your pretensions to learning are well founded or not, the simple fact that you aim to appear learned, that you deal much in allusion to the classics or the various departments of science, with an evident intention to display your familiarity with them, will be more intolerable than absolute ignorance.’


Source: Aliexpress

To further dissect the quote above, one reserves the right to own an endowment or achievement but not so the right to flaunt or even acknowledge it- according to the rules of proper manners that is.

This self-aggrandizing idea is so petty that ignorance is deemed a better choice.

Abstract qualities such as foresight and up-to-date knowledge of relevant social matters may be expected of a lady but it is not in her place to point out her superiority in these matters.

She may however contribute to discussions or respond to questions asked of her pertaining to these topics yet it is never in her place to list her degrees in a bid to acquire cheap admiration.

We are never so vain as when we blow our own horns. It is etiquettely inappropriate to second a compliment paid to oneself. So also is it more than somewhat bizarre to say ‘I know’ or ‘yeah, I got it all’ when one is being complimented; such grandstanding lines are reserved for secular rap lyrics.

It is universally unacceptable, according to the standard code of gentlemen and ladies to throw shade on someone else in an effort to reflect the superiority of one’s status.

True grace is modest and self-effacing.

The unpretentiousness of grace is its very essence.


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