Good manners: Forever and a day

The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth
Charles Kingsley.



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2014 may mean that the hand gloves and ball gowns are obsolete but it certainly doesn’t mean that gracious manners are; it’s the hows that have changed due to the inevitable evolution of society and life generally. As such, it is important to update our repository of acceptable social manners. Otherwise, our efforts at acing social encounters will be as ineffective as applying the knowledge of an abacus counting machine in operating an android.


The walk of shame: It may interest you to know that it was considered very inappropriate in former days for ladies to walk unaccompanied as from dusk because women who did such were judged as willingly vulnerable (If you know what I mean). This may not be classified as an impropriety in this dispensation since many women have to work late into the night and even work night shifts to keep body and soul together. What may however be considered improper these days is when a woman is unwillingly vulnerable; every lady walking solo at ungodly hours must have some form of defense at her disposal, be it a bottle of pepper spray or her taekwondo skills.


The bespoke appearance: It’s a relief that ladies these days do not have to wear those British crinoline and wide petticoats to be perceived as elegant. Howbeit, the essentials of elegance, class and modesty are not to be misplaced in displaying a fashion sense. I still believe that propriety should precede trends in dressing as it was before and not the other way round. The hats and corset may no longer be in vogue like they once were but the guideline of modesty is still the superior criterion in a lady’s wardrobe.


Essence of correspondence: One of the primary essences of corresponding is maintaining an atmosphere of politeness by keeping vagueness and rudeness to the barest minimum. Ignoring messages, leaving calls unreturned and excessive use of slangs and abbreviations are a few communication faux pas (I miss the art of letter writing). By the way, there’s a recent Gmail application that notifies senders of your receipt and status of mails- read or otherwise. So, you may want to think twice before you bury your conscience and deny receiving mails. Talk of the evolution of technology! I wonder if an application that detects what one is really doing or one that reveals the colour of one’s clothes will be invented tomorrow.


Anyone who can appropriately deem integrity as a crucial quality in exhibiting social grace will not have to care of the evolution of technology because their truth will always precede.


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